Outlook and Strategic Vision

Within 2020-2025, gruphexa will push ahead with its strategy to develop its businesses, principally in nurturing its domestic markets by investing in Business Engineering


Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Since its infrastructure has a major impact on cities, regions and their citizens, hexa e.p.c. aims for quality, technically sound, economically viable, environment-friendly and socially beneficial performance


Business Engineering (B.E)

Hexa b.e. develops and implements business processes, from building a feasible business model to monitoring and charting business processes and modeling organizational structures to information systems.


Marine & Composite Engineering

Point Composites Team provide end-to-end Engineering Solutions in GRP, GRC & GRG Engineering including Consulting, Design, Engineering, Construction, Installation & Commissioning Services enabling our clients to be hassle free while working with POINT.


Steel Manufacturing Process

Hexa steel corporation began its humble operations in a garage where old electronic devices were torn down and recycled.

Social Responsibility

Hexa Foundation

CHURNING OUT A VALUE-ADDED GENERATION The corporate world currently brings to the limelight multiple environmental, economic, and social impacts that are brought about by business operations.