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Within 2021-2031, Grup Hexa will push ahead with its strategy to develop its businesses, principally in nurturing its domestic markets by investing in O&G Services, Engineering & Construction, Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution, Information Technology, Business Engineering, Media, etc.

In Concessions, development will be principally focused on EPC in the infrastructural development in both industrial sector and commercial sector as the Group continues to diversify its concession portfolio and extend its maturity. This development dynamic will also apply to the Contracting business lines such as marine and composite engineering. In both businesses, growth will be boosted by innovation, where advances in technology and services will trigger the creation of new solutions, helping to refresh their business models.


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The Group’s long term prospects also involve transforming its business lines, products and services, to provide sustainable solutions for the major challenges arising in today’s world.

The Group’s activities are a driving force in the transformation of cities and regions. Guided by its long-term perspective and vision of all-round performance, Grup Hexa aims to make a positive contribution to that transformation.

The Group has embarked on an in-depth conversation, with many of its teams and all its stakeholders, about the meaning of its mission, to home in on its ultimate purpose. We will share that purpose with everyone in our business ecosystem within 2021–2031.

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Gruphexa transforms communities, designing, building, and operating infrastructure to enhance daily life and mobility. As investors and operators, we play a vital role in shaping cities and regions.

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