Ethical Principles


Respecting Ethical Principles

gruphexa has adopted a stronger framework so that all its employees can contribute effectively to the Group’s Integrity and transparency requirements.

Ethics and Compliance

the Code of Ethics and Conduct lays down all the principles of business ethics that apply to all circumstances, in all countries where the Group operates and to all companies and their employees. It is used in tandem with the anticorruption Code of Conduct. The Group’s key managers have to comply with the principles in the two codes and ensure that they are applied within the scope of their responsibility.

The Integrity Whistleblowing Platform

available in five languages on the Group intranet and website, the Integrity online whistleblowing platform enables employees and stakeholders to report any inappropriate behavior in the areas of human rights, business ethics, environmental risk prevention and health and safety. This secure system guarantees full traceability and anonymity.

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Gruphexa transforms communities, designing, building, and operating infrastructure to enhance daily life and mobility. As investors and operators, we play a vital role in shaping cities and regions.

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