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Since industries & infrastructure has a major impact on cities, regions and their citizens, in 2007, Grup Hexa invested in EPC to delivers quality, environment-friendly and socially beneficial performance in its long-term relationships with all its stakeholders in the fields of Oil and Gas, Power, Energy, Petrochemical, Marine & Ports, Iron & Steel, Airport & Aviation and Infrastructure Development.

The EPC business have been partnering with many of the GCC’s largest oil producing companies, refineries and LPG industries for the past 15 years, clocking an average of $50 million year-on-year. Ranked among the top three in the sector, on-time delivery along with better quality helps the company to sustain stiff competition in the Middle East, by employing the GCC’s finest experts in the industry.

Areas in EPC

  • Field Instrumentation Installation & Commissioning.
  • Control System Engineering & Panel Integration.
  • Electrical Engineering Services (LV, MV, HV)
  • O&G Upstream Services for Oilwell Drilling, Cementing & Stimulation
  • Robotic Applications & Industrial Automations.
  • Telecommunications, Low Current, BMS
  • F&G Systems
  • IIOT, Cyber Security Systems & Business Intelligence

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Gruphexa transforms communities, designing, building, and operating infrastructure to enhance daily life and mobility. As investors and operators, we play a vital role in shaping cities and regions.

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